3 Reasons You’re Avoiding God’s Calling

Seeking Christ

Do you ever look around at other people and think, “I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough at that skill, at that calling. I shouldn’t even try.”

It’s a sad thing, but most of us have had that kind of thought at least once in our lives. And this can be especially hard in church. We all have different jobs to do, different assignments, and each time a new assignment comes our way, we cringe a little bit, thinking that surely someone else would be better, more willing, more spiritual, more qualified.

But the assignments come regardless. So if we’re so weak, unable, unqualified, or whatever, why does God keep asking us to do things for Him?

Maybe He knows us better than we know ourselves. Maybe He wants us to grow. Maybe we aren’t as bad as we think we are.

Whatever God’s reasons, we have plenty of…

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